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It’s easily the most used saying in real estate. “Location. Location. Location.” What exactly does that mean in Telluride, particularly Mountain Village?

Huge Views and Premier Ski Access!

Many of the choice lots in Mountain Village were built on in the nineties and at that time traditional log was all the rage. While you may not fancy river rock fireplaces and antler chandeliers … these homes take in colossal mountain views and enjoy perfect ski access. With a little imagination and an ethos to work with the log, not against it, they can beautifully fuse rustic and modern into a whole new realm of design.

Such was the case for the couple who took on this featured remodel in Mountain Village with the guidance of Trevor James & Peter Lundeen from FUSE Architecture + Interior.

Enjoy the before and after pictures below …

GREAT ROOM: The scale of the fireplace is controlled by introducing blackened steel while reducing and replacing the existing river stone with Telluride gold stone that looks as you would see it in the local environment. By enlarging the fireplace opening and removing the arch, a more dramatic flame was realized and creates that quintessential mountain ambiance. A darker stain with lighter chinking was applied to the logs for a visual update, while the ceiling, left untouched, provides height and lightens the room. The clean lines of the furniture compliment the scale of the transformed space.

KITCHEN & DINING: A pleasing tea green finish on the cabinets creates a counterpoint to the log and is highlighted by key walls that are tiled to create a clean, bright atmosphere. The ceiling height was dropped to diminish light swallowing caves while pendant lights raise the ambient light level. New gyp ceilings replace the existing wood, establishing a light and reflective surface that increases light throughout the room. The stone floors were left untouched and the existing wood doors were augmented with a metal strap for an easy and seemless design upgrade.

MASTER BATHROOM: By removing the existing oversized bathtub, squaring off the windows and scaling back the trim, more usable space is realized for the bathroom and a private reading nook is added. Like the kitchen, paint finish cabinetry is used to create a counterpoint to log. Large format, light colored tiles on the wall make the space feel large, clean and airy. The glass enclosed shower enhances the overall open feeling of the space while the free-standing tub adds a contemporary luxury touch.

BRIDGE SITTING ROOM: Lighter metal railing replaces the existing log, affording unimpeded views and an overall feeling of more space. A clean, contemporary look is achieved by widening the doorway and squaring off the arch (all arch elements throughout the house were removed) – a simple modification with a high impact. Blackened steel, used to control the scale of the fireplace, provides a reflective and contrasting surface to the rock and wood elements of this now functional space.

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Featured remodel by FUSE Architecture + Interior.

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