Gigabit Internet Access Comes To Telluride

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Telluride Properties published an article in our spring issue of Truly Telluride titled, Innovation, part of which included a broadband initiative backed by the Telluride Foundation.

We are happy to report that initiative is moving full steam ahead with gigabit internet access coming to Telluride by winter 2018.

Below are excerpts from an article on Telluride Inside and Out written by Katie Singer.

The San Miguel Regional Broadband Collaborative has been working tirelessly to bring the entire Telluride region into the 21st century and beyond, providing gigabit+ service to benefit every resident, local business owner, remote worker, medical provider, emergency service provider, librarian, student, teacher, and tourist.

Both Norwood and Telluride are deep in the throes of digging trenches to lay conduit, in which will rest fiber optic cables that allow Clearnetworx to offer fiber internet to businesses and residents in the area. That means better service options, faster, redundant, more reliable internet, and competitive (i.e. cheaper) pricing. No more spinning wheels when trying to watch your favorite Netflix show in the midst of Bluegrass Festival. No more internet black-outs when a snowstorm hits. No more anxiety for students trying to access the internet to finish their homework.

Construction along the town’s roadways began this summer, ramped up the week of September 17 and will continue through October 31. Clearnetworx estimates it will start connecting customers to the newly installed fiber internet by this winter. However, as Clearnetworx construction crews feverishly work to complete the conduit and fiber installation, they may have to temporarily close roads or limit access to driveways in those areas. The project has been broken out into sections to minimize inconvenience to town residents.

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